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Hazardous Building Materials

RRP $384.99

This new edition provides a detailed reference source of the use in residential buildings of materials known or suspected to harm health and the environment. Alternative materials are evaluated using unique data sheets which compare environmental impact, cost, health, safety and technical performance providing building and construction professionals and other practitioners with the facts they need to make the right selection.
Hazardous Building Materials considers the following building elements: structure, windows and doors, roofing, insulation, finishes and fittings, pipes, services and services equipment. Based on the highly successful format of the first edition this practical reference provides expert advice with the use of clear drawings, tables and data sheets to architects, surveyors, facilities managers, students on built environment courses, material suppliers, environmentalists and clients.

Semiconductor Nanomaterials For Flexible Technologies

RRP $266.00

This book is an overview of the strategies to generate high-quality films of one-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures on flexible substrates (e.g., plastics) and the use of them as building blocks to fabricating flexible devices (including electronics, optoelectronics, sensors, power systems). In addition to engineering aspects, the physics and chemistry behind the fabrication and device operation will also be discussed as well. Internationally recognized scientists from academia, national laboratories, and industries, who are the leading researchers in the emerging areas, are contributing exceptional chapters according to their cutting-edge research results and expertise. This book will be an on-time addition to the literature in nanoscience and engineering. It will be suitable for graduate students and researchers as a useful reference to stimulate their research interest as well as facilitate their research in nanoscience and engineering.

  • Considers the physics and chemistry behind fabrication and device operation

  • Discusses applications to electronics, optoelectronics, sensors and power systems

  • Examines existing technologies and investigates emerging trends

Dangerous Materials

RRP $498.99

ADRIANO DE MAIO IReR President This publication originated from the workshop on "Control and risk prevention of dangerous materials and crisis management" that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, in March 2009. The basic idea is that international scientific cooperation can effectively contribute to security, stability and solidarity among nations, through increased collaboration, networking and capacity-building and supporting democratic growth and economic development in Partner Countries. We are all facing new needs and threats, deriving from a world changing constantly its social, political and economic dimension and, for this reason, the international dialogue through civil science represents a way forward to comm- ment to global common issues. In fact, the Lombardy Regional Institute for Research has developed some international activities aiming at establishing networks of scientists and experts in defined areas and subjects. Through one of these activities, the Institute entered in touch with the Science for Peace and Security Programme. In this framework, we decided to share the experience of Lombardy Region on transportation of dangerous materials (half of their total transport in Italy): research and studies in civil area conducted in Lombardy Region are considered the most innovative in Europe for the results obtained. Comparison with diverse international experiences is a great opportunity of implementing present results and applying them to different applications (from civil to anti-terrorism) and extending them to countries other than Italy.

Building Learning Experiences In A Changing World

RRP $86.95

Advances in Business Education & Training is a Book Series to foster advancement in the field of Business Education and Training. It serves as an international forum for scholarly and state-of-the-art research and development into all aspects of Business Education and Training.

This new volume deals with several aspects of the challenge to design learning in and for a changing world. The first part concerns program development. How to build curricula that are future-proof? Principles to innovate our curricula are identified. It answers the question how we can incorporate the need for change in our thinking about curriculum-development and identify the necessary elements to incorporate in our curricula. The second part focuses on the increasing diversity of students and employees within our schools and organizations, in terms of culture, language, and perception of ability, gifts, and talents. This offers a range of opportunities, but at the same time can possibly jeopardize some processes that are taken for granted. Chapters in this part analyze the processes that play a crucial role in dealing with this diversity and identify educational practices that can help to harvest the potential that lies within this diversity. The third part of this book digs further into the possibilities that are opened up by the implementation of ICT-support in our learning environments. E-learning provides tools to adapt these environments to the needs of an increasingly diverse student-population. In the last part we focus specifically on the workplace and how learning can be designed in such a way that employees are equipped for a shifting workplace. On the one hand it is looked how training can affect performance in the workplace. Does learning transfer to the work environment? On the other hand it is questioned how one can design affordances to trigger learning in the workplace.

Recent Advances In Composite Materials

RRP $684.99

This book contains 31 papers presented at the symposium on "Recent Advances in Composite Materials" which was organized in honor of Professor Stephanos A. Paipetis. The symposium took place at Democritus University of Thrace, in Xanthi, Greece on June 12-14, 2003. The book is a tribute to Stephanos A. Paipetis, a pioneer of composite materials, in recognition of his continuous, original diversified and outstanding contributions for half a century. The book consists of invited papers written by leading experts in the field. It contains original contributions concerning the latest developments in composite materials. It covers a wide range of subjects including experimental characterization, analytical modeling and applications of composite materials. The papers are arranged in the following six sections: General concepts, stress and failure analysis, mechanical properties, metal matrix composites, structural analysis and applications of composite materials. The first section on general concepts contains seven papers dealing with composites through the pursuit of the consilience among them, computation and mechatronic automation of multiphysics research, a theory of anisotropic scattering, wave propagation, multi-material composite wedges, a three-dimensional finite element analysis around broken fibers and an in situ assessment of the micromechanics of large scale bridging in ceramic composites.


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