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Carl Maxey

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Carl Maxey was, in his own words, "a guy who started from scratch - black scratch." He was sent, at age five, to the scandal-ridden Spokane Children's Home and then kicked out at age eleven with the only other "colored" orphan. Yet Maxey managed to make a national name for himself, first as an NCAA championship boxer at Gonzaga University, and then as eastern Washington's first prominent black lawyer and a renowned civil rights attorney who always fought for the underdog.

During the tumultuous civil rights and Vietnam War eras, Carl Maxey fought to break down color barriers in his hometown of Spokane and throughout the nation. As a defense lawyer, he made national headlines working on lurid murder cases and war-protest trials, including the notorious Seattle Seven trial. He even took his commitment to justice and antiwar causes to the political arena, running for the U.S. Senate against powerhouse senator Henry M. Jackson.

In Carl Maxey: A Fighting Life, Jim Kershner explores the sources of Maxey's passions as well as the price he ultimately paid for his struggles. The result is a moving portrait of a man called a "Type-A Gandhi" by the New York Times, whose own personal misfortune spurred his lifelong, tireless crusade against injustice.

Future Scenarios On Dental Health Care

RRP $59.00

Which developments can be expected to take place in the dental health of the Dutch population in the decades to come, and what are the influential factors? What effects might the changing supply of dental professionals, the additional substitution of responsibilities from dentists to dental hygienists and the possible reforms in health care insurance have on the nation's oral status? These are some of the central questions discussed in this report by the Scenario Committee and the research group. For this purpose, the Committee developed a computer simulation model of dental health care which was used to analyze future scenarios.
The future scenarios described in this report clearly show that a number of crucial decisions must be taken if dental health care is to remain accessible and available for all sections of the population in the future.

The Scarf

RRP $18.69

Romania, 1967. Bucharest teenager Clovis Dorian visits his grandmother in the remote countryside village of Rusalca, and all seems well ... for a while. But a serendipitous liaison with a beautiful movie star and a run-in with Communist Party apparatchiks lead Clovis to become entangled in the Romanian underworld--and to discover truths about his nation and himself that will change him forever.

Part political thriller, part coming-of-age story, The Scarf is an elegant phantasmagoria of love and hatred, beauty and horror, offering a unique perspective on the struggle against the brutality and injustice of Eastern European communism at its apex.

Born in Bucharest, Romania, E. J. Bancesco graduated from the Institute of Architecture in Bucharest in 1975. In 1983, he and his wife immigrated to the United States and they established their home in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2005, he accepted the position of Principal at an internationally renowned architectural firm, and since then, has been practicing his profession domestically and across East Asia. He and his family currently live in Chicago, Illinois.

Passionate about art, literature, and music, Bancesco is also a tireless writer. His first novel, Adrift (2016), was published by All Things That Matter Press. The Scarf is Bancesco's second novel.

Women, Art, And Architecture In Northern Italy, 1520-1580

RRP $73.99

Expanding interdisciplinary investigations into gender and material culture, Katherine A. McIver here adds a new dimension to Renaissance patronage studies by considering domestic art â" the decoration of the domestic interior â" as opposed to patronage of the fine arts (painting, sculpture and architecture). Taking a multidimensional approach, McIver looks at women as collectors of precious material goods, as organizers of the early modern home, and as decorators of its interior. By analyzing the inventories of women's possessions, McIver considers the wide range of domestic objects that women owned, such as painted and inlaid chests, painted wall panels, tapestries, fine fabrics for wall and bed hangings, and elaborate jewelry (pendant earrings, brooches, garlands for the hair, necklaces and rings) as well as personal devotional objects. Considering all forms of patronage opportunities open to women, she evaluates their role in commissioning and utilizing works of art and architecture as a means of negotiating power in the court setting, in the process offering fresh insights into their lives, limitations, and the possibilities open to them as patrons. Using her subjects' financial records to track their sources of income and the circumstances under which it was spent, McIver thereby also provides insights into issues of Renaissance women's economic rights and responsibilities. The primary focus on the lives and patronage patterns of three relatively unknown women, Laura Pallavicina-Sanvitale, Giacoma Pallavicina and Camilla Pallavicina, provides a new model for understanding what women bought, displayed, collected and commissioned. By moving beyond the traditional artistic centers of Florence, Venice and Rome, analyzing instead women's artistic patronage in the feudal courts around Parma and Piacenza during the sixteenth century, McIver nuances our understanding of women's position and power both in and out of the home. Carefully integrating extensive archival research with a set of important critical inquiries, McIver offers up a well-balanced picture of domestic space, subject and object in and against the conventions of Italian Renaissance art history. By moving beyond the usual artistic centers of Florence, Venice, and Rome, McIver nuances our understanding of women's position and power both in and out of the home.

Diary Of Carrie Berry

RRP $17.95

"Carrie Berry and her family lived in Atlanta, Georgia, during the Civil War. In 1864 the Union Army battled the Confederacy for Atlanta. Cannons boomed and fires burned around Carrie and her family. Through it all, 10 year old Carrie recorded her experiences in her diary. Follow her story of challenges and triumphs."


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